A Will is an important document that needs to be kept securely to prevent any accidental or deliberate tampering or destruction of the Will, preserve confidentiality of the contents of the Will and is also certain to be found when it is needed, therefore, it is important that you should consider keeping your Will with Rockwills Custody Centre. This will ensure that your objective of writing the Will and instructions can be carried out.

At Rockwills, we offer Will Custody services which are Annual Will Custody, Lifetime Will Custody, Lifetime Plus Will Custody and National Will Custody. Our controlled access and unique retrieval system will ensure that your Will can be retrieved easily. You can have access to your Will during your lifetime or your Executors can retrieve it upon death.

We will issue two special Will Custody cards to all our testators for easy reference. We will also give them a copy of our unique “Personal Assets Inventory Booklet” to help them organize and track their assets and liabilities.

Below are the advantages why use Rockwills Will Custody Services:

Peace of mind
The Will is safe from tampering
Confidentiality is preserved
The Will is certain to be found when needed
There is protection from calamities such as fire and flood
Free from theft
The Will is free from accidental or deliberate destruction
Access and viewing is controlled
Unique retrieval system with Personal Bar Coded Custody Card
Continuous personalized service by Rockwills Estate Planners
Free Personal Accident Insurance
Lifetime Will rewriting discount up to 20%
Annual reminder service
Special Will custody cards
Comprehensive Personal Assets Inventory Booklet to help you organizing your financial matters