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We offer comprehensive estate planning advisory services to people who need to protect their wealth and their loved ones. A comprehensive estate planning should include the following features:

  • Proper disposition of assets including cancellation of liabilities and assets protection from creditors;
  • Shorten unnecessary long legal estate administration process;
  • Ensuring effective execution of estate and avoiding disputes among the family members;
  • Providing sufficient funds for sustenance of family and dependants and in case of incapacity;
  • Strategies to maintain liquidity and tax efficiency;
  • Maintaining control through properly structured trusts, prevent squandering;
  • Appointing a licensed trustee corporation as Executor/Trustee to ensure efficient and impartial execution of the estate;
  • Preserving confidentiality of specific shareholdings through setting up a trust;
  • Protecting the value of business through setting up proper business succession planning;
  • Protecting and preserving wealth through the use of special purpose vehicles or instruments over multiple generations if desired.